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Alternate for jet fuel [duplicate]

At some point maybe after around 8 to 10 decades we may end up with a situation where the crude oil wells get drained up due to massive extraction and increasing demand for gasoline and ATF. What ...
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Why do jet engines use kerosene rather than gasoline?

Could you run a jet with gasoline? Why do all jet engines use kerosene?
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Could an electric engine provide the same performance as jet engines on current aircraft?

I have looked at various questions on this SE site regarding this topic but I have not really found a satisfactory answer. Some comments here regarding torque and power in electric motors vs gasoline ...
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Why can't jet engines operate with supersonic air and how do they slow it down?

Typically jets cannot operate when intake airflow is supersonic relative to the engine. Why is this so? Also, why are scramjets able to use supersonic air? To slow down the air to subsonic speeds, ...
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Could there ever be a fully solar powered airliner capable of transatlantic flights?

Could a new or a modified existing airliner, e.g., a Boeing 737, be fully powered by solar energy and make the normal length trips aviation-fuel powered aircraft make?
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Has anyone burned hydrogen in a gas turbine?

I am just wondering if supplying compressed hydrogen to a gas turbine (combustor) would be a better fuel as it has three times the octane rating of kerosene. It just seems better all around.
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Would hydrogen fuel tanks on an airplane increase lift?

Since hydrogen is lighter than air, would hydrogen fuel tanks help provide lift for the airplane?
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How can adverse maneuverability due to a fuel tank behind the rear pressure bulkhead be mitigated in Airbus ZeroE hydrogen plane?

Airbus recently announced three concept aircraft for commercial use, powered by liquid hydrogen, with an ambition to have the plane in operation by 2035.
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Is there a viable alternative to liquid hydrogen as a fuel for scramjets?

Given the difficulty and complexities of storing liquid hydrogen for commercial flight and the high velocity of air passing through a scramjet, do other types of fuel provide a feasible alternative ...
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Hydrogen as fuel for jet engine or afterburner [duplicate]

Why is hydrogen not used as fuel for fighters? I understand that hydrogen engines are not yet developed but why is there no research going on in that file. Can't hydrogen be used in specially designed ...
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