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Do airlines use a software to calculate center of gravity? [duplicate]

How do airlines calculate center of gravity? I have read in several airlines websites that they optimize the center of gravity position, to improve aerodynamic performance and reduce fuel consumption. ...
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What if all passengers pay to check in extra baggage?

Suppose a given flight is fully booked and everybody shows up. Not only have they all brought the allowed fully loaded carry-on & checked-in luggage weight but exceed the free-limits. They are all ...
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Can an airline reject a passenger for being overweight?

I have a Cessna 172S and despite having 4 seats in the cabin, I cannot take 3 more passengers besides myself as the pilot with a full tank of fuel due to safety in weight balance issues. As the pilot,...
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Why are airlines so concerned with checked baggage weight?

Why is it that commercial airlines are so concerned with checked baggage weight, such that they charge extra just for the privilege of checking in a suitcase with a limited weight (e.g. 15kg), and ...
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Can passenger distribution cause a parked airliner to tip?

This question on Travel.SE recounts a situation where a passenger, about to disembark from a commercial airline flight, was asked by a flight attendant to wait for other passengers to "catch up". ...
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Are passengers really not allowed to change seats before take-off due to weight and balance?

Just boarded an A320 with many open seats (Spirit), and the flight attendant said we may not change seats until at altitude due to weight and balance. Is he just trying to prevent pax from moving ...
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Do some airplanes have weighing scales on the landing gear?

It seems to me that takeoff weight is an important piece of data, and if one had weighing scales between the wheels and the aircraft body, one could precisely determine it. However, searching the ...
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How do airlines handle uncertainty in passenger weight for weight and balance calculations?

When commercial airlines calculate the mass and distribution of passenger load, in the cases where they do not weigh the passengers directly, they use standard weight measures which have been approved ...
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Is an aircraft's maximum landing weight really weight, or is it mass?

I'm calculating the lift of a Cessna 172 and I don't understand the numbers given for weight. The maximum landing weight is 2550 pounds which is nearly 1134kg. But does that mean 1134 Newtons (weight) ...
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Why don't airports have weigh stations to prevent overweight takeoffs?

Currently, ensuring that an airplane isn't overweight when it takes off relies on the cargo handlers loading the aircraft properly and accurately documenting (on the weight-and-balance sheet) what ...
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Do airlines weigh passengers and baggage before loading the aircraft?

I'm aware of some aircraft that have systems to calculate weight and balance. For those aircraft that don't have such systems, how does the pilot know they are within weight and balance limits?
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How Centre of Gravity (CG) is adjusted?

I've gone through the following questions on Stack Exchange and other few questions too: Why is managing CG (centre of gravity) important? How are the limits of the center of gravity chart ...
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How much time does it take to calculate the leveling and weighing of big and small aircraft?

What methods are used to achieve that? According to my search : For old planes they use a plumb bob and measuring tools. On new and big planes, the process is computerized. Built-In Electronic ...
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How to balance the cargo on a plane with the wings further aft?

For example on an MD-88, is the center of gravity on the back of the plane because the empennage, wings and engines are located there? So they would have to put most of the cargo on the back of the ...
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Would an accurate weight of a loaded aircraft be helpful?

If a commercial aircraft's actual weight at takeoff is accurately known (instead of being estimated), can this help with use of thrust, optimal altitude, etc and therefore fuel savings, emissions etc.?...
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