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Can I log Hours in a foreign aircraft? [duplicate]

I have my FAA Private Pilot License but I live in Chile, The thing is that I was asked by the father of a friend of mine to join him on a C182 flight in Chile (Chilean Aircraft). So, can I log that ...
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How can I build the 40 hours instrument time required for an instrument rating?

14 CFR 61.65(d)(2) says: (2) Forty hours of actual or simulated instrument time in the areas of operation listed in paragraph (c) of this section, of which 15 hours must have been received from an ...
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Can I save money on becoming a helicopter pilot in the US if I do flight hours in Mexico?

Flight hours costs approximately $285 per hour. Below is a screenshot from a local (Newport Beach, CA) school regarding what it takes to become a private pilot. So I was hoping that maybe there ...
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Do I have to prove my flight training time abroad when applying for a standalone FAA license?

I have done flight training in Germany and hence hold a German EASA Private Pilot License. For this I did the appropriate flight training which is documented in my logbook. But in Germany these ...
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How can I convert a non-ICAO (Taiwanese) pilot's license to FAA or EASA?

So I'd like to know from somebody what's the process of converting a non-ICAO license. In particular, I'm trying to understand how a Taiwanese PPL can be converted to FAA PPL (I personally know people ...
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How can I combine flight training hours flown under various legislations in a single logbook? [duplicate]

I am a European citizen and last year I went to the US to start flight training. I got my student license and did my FAA private written exam. I logged about 78 flight hours with a flight school. I ...
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Can I get an FAA restricted ATP certificate with 1000 hours total time?

I have an FAA Commercial Single-Engine certificate with 260 hours total time and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering issued in Indonesia. I have an Indonesian Passport and I'm working as a ...
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Can a US PPL holder log ASES time in Canada while flying with a local FI?

I am an FAA PPL, and I'll be visiting Canada. I'd like to log some seaplane time while I'm there. Can I log ASES dual-received time with any Canadian instructor, or do they need to hold an FAA CFI ...
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Can I maintain my IR currency from the right seat in a non "N" registered aircraft?

I completed my IFR checkride on the 15th of May this year, the next day I moved to Spain to study my EASA ATPL (airline transport pilot license). A friend of mine here in Spain is doing his time ...
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Can I log flight training outside the US in a US-registered aircraft?

I work outside the USA. I have access to fly an airplane with work. I'm working on my instrument rating. Can the time I'm flying be used towards my instrument rating requirements? We always fly on an ...
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What to do to maintain my Spanish ULM (GA) gyroplane licence valid in the USA when moving there?

I have an ultralight gyroplane (GA) Spanish license. What sort of conversion or validation process do I need to follow to be able to continue flying after moving to the USA?
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