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Why is there really only one basic design for passenger airplanes?

So when I look around on the airport, I don't really see many differently shaped airplanes. They all look pretty much the same, only subtle differences. Image: Aircraft Recognition Why is this ...
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Why is the Tu-144 the only commercial airplane with canard configuration?

I understand the delta wing was chosen because of the supersonic cruise (like the Concorde), and canards were added to reduce the approach/landing speed. But canards may be used without delta wing (e....
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Why is the use of tail-down force so common?

Why is the use of tail-down force so prevalent in aircraft design? Why not use canards to avoid induced drag?
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why are there no production canard GA aircraft?

You see a lot of experimental canard GA aircraft, and their performance characteristics seem great. Why don't we see any production canard designs? EDIT For clarification. I'm asking about small ...
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Why are there no high wing Canard airplanes?

Just had a thought about canard airplanes while looking at the Tu-144 that features a canard surface on the top of its fuselage. Are there any high-wing aircraft with a top or bottom mounted canard? ...
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What advantages are provided by an unstable canard configuration for fighters?

Why are most canard fighter aircraft unstable? A stable design would let the canard provide lift. My guesses are: Increase pitch rate Decrease stability while supersonic (supersonic, the aircraft ...
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Are canards actually more efficient?

Another post here triggers this question; Since I was a kid I have read endless articles about how canards are more efficient because both wing-like surfaces are lifting, whereas a tail surface is ...
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How to calculate position of a canard?

does anybody know how one can calculate the position, shape and size of an aircraft with a canard? So the main goal of a canard configuration: increase lift + increase agility/maneuverability So at ...
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Why is a canard configuration more Structurally efficient for Rutan's Voyager?

Firstly, I’d like to kindly request not to mark this question as a duplicate of previous SE question without first reading this, because the approach is different and the previously given answers are ...
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Why aren't 3-surface aircraft more popular in general aviation?

From everything I can gather, canards offer significant gains in performance characteristics, and most the drawbacks apply only if you remove the tail. Why not mix them together? What does Piaggio ...
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Why do some canard aircraft have dihedral on their canards?

For instance, Rutan's Solitaire and Steve Wright's Stagger-EZ. What are the benefits of having a dihedral on the canard? It seems like the canard dihedral increases yaw instability, and requires a ...
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