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What is the relation between the Lift Coefficient and the Angle of Attack?

I'm trying to understand the relation between the Lift Coefficient and the Angle of Attack using PEP software for the A320 IAE. However, I notice that often for a given Angle of Attack, there could be ...
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What are some features of a wing, which effects its lift coefficient other than its sectional view? [duplicate]

What geometrical features of a lifting surface apart from which airfoil it has, I mean the ones visible from the top and front view of a wing (for ex: its span, AR, sweep, dihedral etc.) effects its ...
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How does airfoil affect the coefficient of lift vs. AOA slope?

I'm trying to understand whether the airfoil shape can affect the slope of Cl vs. AOA (coefficient of lift vs. angle of attack) in the "linear" portion, e.g., from a few degrees negative to ...
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Do wingtip vortices cause a decrease in the lift component of aerodynamic force, and do planes need to pull more AoA to compensate?

So, from what I know about wingtip vortices, they shift the angle of the relative airflow to where the effective angle of attack of the airfoil is lowered. Since the aerodynamic force is always ...
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How can I calculate CLmax for a wing with multiple airfoils?

How should I do the math to find the CLmax of a wing that has more than one airfoil, each with a different CLmax? I am trying to make a model with a portion of the wing tip with a airfoil that has a ...
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How do you determine the lift coefficient of a finite wing using the coefficient of an infinite one? [duplicate]

How assuming I know the lift coefficient of an airfoil/infinite wing, how do I then use this value to calculate the lift coefficient of a finite wing? Please quote your sources. Many thanks,
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How do I choose Cl during cruise flight with a given MTOM and variable S?

Currently I'm challenging myself to build an airplane from scratch. I have a background in aeronautical engineering but I have no experience in actually designing an aircraft from the ground up. (FYI: ...
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