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What are the advantages/disadvantages of placing an engine in the tail? [duplicate]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having an engine in the vertical stabilizer, a la the DC-10, Lockheed TriStar, and 727? It seems that this has gone out of fashion among jetliners. Is ...
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What factors lead to mounting engines towards the rear of aircraft [duplicate]

Some aircraft have engine beneath the wings and some have at the rear of the aircraft. What are the factors that are considered while deciding where to mount an engine? Is one configuration ...
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If engines are closer to the wing (or in the wing) does it increase efficiency [duplicate]

If you were to make an engine in the wing or at least closer to it in commercial airliners such as the 747, 737 and A380 etc. Would it increase efficiency?
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What is advantages of a wing mounted engine in comparison to tail and fuselage mounted engine? [duplicate]

What is advantages and disadvantages of wing mounted, Tail mounted and fuselage mounted engines?
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Why not mount airliner jet engines above the wings?

It seems that most airliners put the engines below the wings, i.e. the Boeing 7*7 series and the Airbus A3** series. This requires long (heavy) landing gear, and the engines are close to the ground ...
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Why do most airliners have underwing engines, while business jets have rear-mounted engines?

Why have modern airliners converged on a configuration with two or occasionally four underwing engines, while modern business jets have converged on a configuration with two or occasionally three rear-...
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What's that component between the engine and wing?

It's on most commercial aircraft and large aircraft with turbofan engines... Is there a specific name for it? Does it serve any other functions apart from attaching to the wing and feeding the engine ...
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Why are modern regional jet designs shifting towards under wing engines?

Historically regional jets (eg, MD-95/B717, CRJ-700/900, ERJ-145, etc) have had their engines mounted near the rear of the fuselage. But, recently, regional jets are increasingly using an under wing ...
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Why did the CL-400 Suntan have engines on the ends of its wings?

I've been reading more about the development of the A-12, which in turn referenced the CL-400 Suntan. I noticed that the engines are located at the end of the wing, rather than integrated with the ...
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Why hasn't there ever been a large 4-engine commercial airplane with 2 engines on the wings and 2 engines at the tail?

This question refers to large passenger jet aircraft only, which I define as being able to carry at least 100 people. There have been many 2-, 3-, and 4-engined planes in this category. Some of the ...
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What advantage(s) are there for the HondaJet's engine mount position?

The HondaJet has over wing mounted engines as can be seen here: Image from The advantages v drawbacks of the over wing mount have been discussed here and here. The over wing mount ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of have the wing positioned further aft on an airplane?

I've noticed that there is some variation in the location of the wing on airliners: The Boeing 737 has its wing mounted near the midpoint of the fuselage: while other aircraft like the CRJ or the ...
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What are the advantages/disadvantages of in-fuselage engines (eg most fighter jets) vs wing/fuselage mounted engines?

Most modern jet fighter designs incorporate their engine(s) within the fuselage, while most other medium/large aircraft mount them either under the wings or on the rear fuselage. What are the ...
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How to deal with larger and larger engines [closed]

What are possible solutions, if aircraft manufacturers can't fit ever larger turbofans onto the standard low-wing passenger jet configuration? Below, we see a 737 with large turbofans. If a new ...
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Why were 'business jet' airliner designs so popular in the past? [duplicate]

Let's look at the MD-83 (was Microsoft too poor or they lazily didn't want to waste time to make it flyable in FS2004/FSX?) and the Learjet 35 (yes I used FS95/FS98 in the past). Now, there are some "...
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