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Why does An-225 have anhedral wings though it is a cargo aircraft?

What are the rationale behind this anhedral high mounted wing configuration? Is that usual for very large carge aircraft?
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Why should you not turn in the direction of an inoperative engine?

In two-engine aircraft with wing-mounted engines when one engine quits the aircraft will have a natural tendency to turn to the dead engine. So if you need to turn, it seems logical it should be ...
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Why does the yoke "stick" in a turning position?

As you make a turn, an airplane does not naturally straighten itself out (like a car does to some extent). Are ailerons engineered to stay in whatever position they are placed, or is this simply a ...
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How does a flying wing keep from going into a flat spin when maneuvering?

How do flying wings, like the B-2 Stealth bomber, actually keep themselves from yawing out of control without a vertical stabilizer? For the record, I assume this has to be a simple mechanics process....
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Can all airliners be turned without rudder input?

Is it possible for pilots to make a right or left turn, using just the ailerons and without rudder input in all airliners? If not why so, for what reason?
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What does it mean for a plane to be aerodynamically stable?

I've heard that most planes (excepting fighter jets) are "aerodynamically stable." What does that mean? Let's say you're cursing around in a Cessna 172 without autopilot, and you take your hands off ...
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Which wing stalls first in a level coordinated turn?

I was told that in a level coordinated turn the inside wing stalls first because it has a higher angle of attack (AoA). Now, I have always thought that in a level coordinated turn, the wings must have ...
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What does the balance ball actually indicate?

Given answers and comments from a previous question, I realize that I need to clarify what the ball actually measure. I think it does not measure side slip but sideways acceleration, but I'm not quite ...
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How does the vertical height of the wings on a plane affect flight relative to its position? E.g., how does a higher high wing affect flight?

I think I understand how a high wing differentiates from a mid wing or a low wing; what I am asking is how, for instance, a very high high-wing makes itself unique in flight from a very low high-wing. ...
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What is the main source of yaw stability? [closed]

I am creating a flight simulator and I need to implement lateral and longitudinal stability. Roll stability is now working because I am computing the lift of each wing independently. But yaw stability ...
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Does pumping fuel to each wingtip affect roll trim in a stabilized turn?

If an aircraft is stabilized in a constant-bank, constant rate turn with no sideslip, and then we pump 200 gallons of fuel from a fuselage tank to a tank on the tip of each wing, without changing the ...
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