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What is this white smoke like thing, seen inside the cabin before takeoff?

I saw this quite thick white smoke like thing in the cabin in my last flight, before takeoff that is, while it was taxiing and loading passengers: Video Please watch in HD to best notice the ...
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How is wind direction reported (blowing from or blowing to)?

When the tower controller, the ATIS or a METAR says Wind 270, 15 knots does it mean the wind is blowing in the westward or in the eastward direction? Is there a single convention used to express the ...
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What is a TRACON?

What is a TRACON or Terminal Control? When do pilots need to be helped by a TRACON? Where is it usually located and what is the difference between TRACON, En Route and Tower?
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Why do pilots need the ceiling, time, and dew point in the ATIS?

For example: Ceiling: what is the ceiling? Why do they need to know the ceiling? Zulu time: what is the zulu time? Dew point: why do they need to know the dew point?
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Can spatial disorientation in low visibility situations lead a pilot to fly upside down?

In this comment it's mentioned that pilots in instrument conditions may wind up in a situation where they're inverted due to spatial disorientation, and be completely unaware of it until they fly out ...
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Under VFR, can a pilot fly above a layer of clouds?

Image source I often see charts like the one above showing VFR cloud clearance minima. Since the regs list a minimum distance above clouds obviously VFR flights are allowed to fly over clouds. ...
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How does a small aircraft like a Cessna fly at night?

What happens when a small aircraft like Cessna is flying in daytime then night hits and its now pitch black with zero visibility? How does he not run into mountains and the like?
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What is the daytime visibility from within a cloud?

I ask this question from the context of formation-flying, such as during WW2. What is the visibility in a typical cloud during daytime? Can you lose your wingman right away? Were you at serious risk ...
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Are there tricks or training to handle spatial disorientation?

For spatial disorientation, are there tricks to block out certain inputs like focusing on what the eyes see and blocking out the ears? I am curious if there are training techniques to practice on the ...
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Where can I find the exact definition of VFR and IFR?

Although I have worked as ATC more than 5 years(not US), I don't know the exact definition of VFR and IFR. Of coure, I know that under VFR, pilot mainly use their eyes to navigate, but I want to know ...
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Are magnetic compass acceleration errors due to the southern side of the compass being weighted?

When I was in college, I had an instructor who taught me that the acceleration errors in a magnetic compass were due to a counter-weight installed on the south-facing side of the compass that was ...
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What is the name of the Instrument that indicates roll?

What is the name of the instrument that would indicate whether the wings are level or tilted (one higher than the other) as when flying IFR? Is it the inclinometer?
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