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Why do we still use pilots to fly airplanes?

With the recent advances in drone and remote control technology, why are there still commercial and military pilots? I understand that there can be some serious tactical advantages to human pilots in ...
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Why not increase the number of Flight Data Recorders and add jettisoning capability?

With some Flight Data Recorders gone unrecoverable during crashes , what's the argument for not changing their locations, like wings or engines? Given their utility after accidents, why not increase ...
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Can airplanes transmit/relay flight data to ATC's periodically while in flight? [duplicate]

The flight data recorder is one important piece of information in the event of a crash. Can this information not be transmitted or relayed to the ATC's while the flight is air borne so that they don't ...
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Are plane's black boxes essentially useless tool in the modern age and how to improve upon it? [duplicate]

I am just reading the latest news on the air plane crash that happened couple days ago and it dawned on me that one too many times have I read a story on the NY Times where after black box is obtained,...
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What's are the advantages of having the pilot in the cockpit? [duplicate]

Instead of a pilot in the cockpit, how far are we from having commercial airplanes with remote pilots (like drones)? The remote pilot won't have any kind of space disorientation Each of its actions ...
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Are peer-to-peer communications feasible between aircraft?

I have several questions regarding plane-to-plane communications (P2P), by which I mean air-to-ground communications where instead of a satellite, planes act as the intermediate nodes between a given ...
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Why is wireless avionics intra-communications (WAIC) not used for air-air or air-ground communication?

Since ITU approved the use of WAIC systems, aircraft designs have evolved and benefited greatly from fuel consumption savings, reduced maintenance (by removing/replacing costly and heavy cable wiring ...
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Live streaming cockpit to air traffic controllers [duplicate]

I was reading about the missing of the Malaysian flight 370 and was wondering if it would have been helpful if the cockpit would have a live streaming service where they live stream what's happening ...
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Why do black boxes seem so outdated? [duplicate]

Now that the Malaysian flight was again in the news, that they had officially given up and stopped searching, this issue comes to mind again. Why do w all depend on finding a physical recorder, and ...
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Why Black Boxes are not capable of transmitting its Critical Data directly to satellite? [duplicate]

Why don't airplane include a satellite technology to upload the critical (Voice/Engine etc) data recorded in FDR to satellite. This would be very useful, in case of missing FDR. Is there any ...
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Would "Ground Control" be feasible for commercial aviation?

Would the airline pilots be able to get instant technical assistance from the ground? Today, ground systems receive only a tiny trickle of information while the airplane is in flight. But with ...
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Why are voice recordings stored and not transmitted? [duplicate]

With today's technology, why are voice recordings not transmitted, saved somewhere in case a disaster does happen? Let's say a plane goes missing, they can spend a long time trying to salvage the ...
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Are there any proposals to continuously stream "black box" data? [duplicate]

After an aircraft incident, finding the black box is important to investigate the causes, because it contains a lot of valuable recorded data. The process of locating this can take a lot of time, and ...
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Does the Flight Data Recorder store the data locally or send it to an offsite backup while in flight? [duplicate]

I was wondering, what a black box actually does ? Does it store the in flight data, in case an accident should occur or it's sending it to an offsite backup while in flight ? And if it stores the data,...
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Why is the black box still relevant? [duplicate]

Wouldn't it be cheaper to replace black boxes by telemetry? Seems that the costs of a single search mission for an underwater black box exceeds the cost of installing and maintaining telemetry sytem ...
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