How does the air taken from the Gearbox Air Inlet provide the Gearbox cooling? Is the air taken from the outside transmitted directly to the Gearbox, or is there a separate system?

Also, I couldn't find the "Air Intake, Main Gearbox Cooling" air intake you see in the picture on the outer body of the plane. Is this part located inside the cowling of the plane or outside? If it's outside, I can tell it's not on our plane. For this reason, is the "Main Gearbox Cooling" air intake optional, if it is optional, how is the working logic? As I asked above, is the air transferred directly to the "Gearbox" or is there a separate system? To summarize, how does the "Gearbox Air Inlet" work and is the "Main Gearbox Cooling Air Inlet" in or out of cowling, is it optional and how does it work?

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ I'm just wondering if the air taken from the outside goes through another process before being conveyed to the gearbox surface through the ducts. But according to your comment, I think the air entering from the air inlet is transmitted directly to the gearbox surface and cooling is provided. I hope I understood correctly. $\endgroup$
    – pilot162
    Mar 16 at 15:40


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