I am filling out my renewal application for a third-class medical. It asks about my driving record, and about 15 years ago I was living in California with a valid driver license from another state and using that to drive, and since I had lived in California for more than 30 days without getting a California license, I was going to be accused of driving without a license (after a traffic stop for an expired registration). I got a letter from the district attorney saying that since I was a first-time offender I could do a "character improvement program" which was a workbook that some company mailed to me, and I did the workbook and paid the $300 fee and that was the end of it. I am looking at my California driving record and I do not see anything at all about that on my driving record. Do I need to report this on my medical application, even if there is no mention of it on my driving record? Another thing is that I forgot to report it on my last application, and apparently my driving record was good enough because they issued me a medical certificate. If I mention it this time, they may wonder why I didn't report it last time.

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    $\begingroup$ You should talk to AOPA's pilot protection group. $\endgroup$
    – tedder42
    Mar 16 at 4:42
  • $\begingroup$ Yeah, that's probably the thing to do. Thanks. $\endgroup$
    – SurfandSky
    Mar 16 at 4:54
  • $\begingroup$ I honestly don't recall seeing any questions about driving records on a medical application. (and I have had 2nd and 1st class medicals) Is this really a thing with the FAA? In any case, it is an administrative issue, not a moving violation like a DUI. It is about as applicable to your medical health for flying as paying your phone bill 3 days late is relevant to a doctor's clearance to play sports. $\endgroup$ Mar 16 at 19:48


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