How can I get 8050-3 Registration amended? Box 2 (Aircraft Manufacturer and Model) on 8050-1 Application shows 'MylastName, MyFirstName' and RV 9A as the Model. When I got my 8050-3 Registration back, the box 'Manufacturer and Manufacturer's Designation of Aircraft' says: VANS AIRCRAFT, INC RV-9A which does not match Manufacturer (Me) on 8050-3 Registration. This could be a problem when I apply for my Repairman's Certificate where I must be the manufacturer. I tried contacting FAA. NG by phone. Sent Email. No answer yet.


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Paragraph 19 of the document entitled "INFORMATION TO AID IN THE REGISTRATION OF U.S. CIVIL AIRCRAFT" published by the FAA's Aircraft Registration Branch states:


  1. AMENDMENT. An amendment (such as to the date, the description of the collateral, the title of the signer, names of the parties, etc.) may be submitted to amend, correct or clarify any instrument which is on file with the Aircraft Registration Branch. The amendment should state its purpose and describe the original instrument by date, parties, collateral, and, if recorded, the FAA recording number and date. The amendment must be signed by the parties to the original conveyance. The recording fee is $5 for each item of collateral affected.

The document states the mailing address to where you send the amendment request.


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