I failed my Private written (I was being stupid and overconfident) but I got my endorsement online, I need an AUTHORIZED INSTRUCTOR'S STATEMENT to retake it and my original instructor is unavailable. Is there a way to get that online or do I have to find a new instructor to go over and sign off on it.

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First of all, don't be too hard on yourself for failing the Private Pilot written. You're not the first person to underestimate the difficulty of the exam. You'll likely be exceptionally prepared for your next written test.

According to FAR 61.49 you need another endorsement as you noted in your question.

I'm assuming you took an FAA approved online course and received the initial endorsement via an online printed form validating that you have the proficiency to pass the knowledge (written) test.

Unless your initial online course provider (or another FAA approved provider) offers follow-up additional instruction and another endorsement via an online form, you would have to find an authorized instructor for this per FAR 61.49.

(The regulation does not state that the endorsement to retake the written test must be from the original instructor).

61.49 Retesting after failure.

(a) An applicant for a knowledge or practical test who fails that test may reapply for the test only after the applicant has received:

(1) The necessary training from an authorized instructor who has determined that the applicant is proficient to pass the test; and

(2) An endorsement from an authorized instructor who gave the applicant the additional training.

(emphasis is mine)

It may also be helpful to review the FAA's AIRMAN KNOWLEDGE TESTING MATRIX for additional information regarding Airman Knowledge Testing. See page 13 of this document which addresses the Private Pilot Airplane knowledge (written) test (partial image shown below):

enter image description here

(yellow highlight emphasis is mine)


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