Is the Boeing 777 low speed warning the same as the master caution warning?

If the answer is no, I would appreciate an answer with a link to a recording of the low speed warning so I can tell the difference.


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The caution message AIRSPEED LOW comes with the normal master caution beeper:

Airspeed Low

The EICAS caution message AIRSPEED LOW is displayed and the box around the current airspeed indication on the PFD is highlighted amber if airspeed is below minimum maneuvering speed. [...]

Message Level Aural Message Logic
AIRSPEED LOW Caution Beeper Airspeed is below minimum maneuvering speed.

(Boeing 777 FCOMv2 15.20.9 - Warning Systems - System Description)

This has been criticized because the beeper might not be enough to draw the flight crew's attention to the low speed in an emergency situation:

Boeing also has a "caution tone" for low airspeed on the 777, along with versions of the 747, according to an FAA panel studying the issue. But other planes have a verbal warning such as "airspeed low." Clifford said the 777 tone "has proven to not capture the pilot's attention in these low airspeed circumstances." [...]

Airbus has a warning that says "speed speed speed" every five seconds between 2,000 and 100 feet when an aircraft goes too slow.



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