I'm wondering how many 747-200's are still in service? I know for sure Rolls Royce is using one for testing purposes. And the one from the US Forces.

  • Are there any civilian operated ones left?
  • Does somebody have photos?

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Running the numbers from RedGrittyBrick's answer, there appear to be 36 active 747-200s out of 393 built (according to Wikipedia). Of the 36, 9 are passenger planes, 22 freight (including 6 converted from passenger planes, marked *), 3 combi (passenger and freight), and the two VC-25As ("Air Force One").

The active aircraft are as follows, with tail numbers included so you can look for photos.

  • Aerospace One: 1 freight (SX-ASO), 1 combi (SX-ASC)
  • AHS Air International: 1 freight (AP-BIO)
  • Cargo Air Lines: 1 combi (4X-ICM)
  • Caspian Airlines: 1 freight (EP-CQA)
  • Iran Air: 3 passenger (EP-IAG, EP-IAH, EP-IAI), 1 combi (EP-ICD)
  • Jet Star: 1 freight (ER-BBS)
  • Kabo Air: 3 passenger (5N-DKB, 5N-JRM, 5N-MAD)
  • Kalitta Air: 2 passenger (N715CK, N793CK), 4 freight (N704CK, N746CK, N794CK,* N795CK*)
  • Kam Air: 1 freight (4L-TZS)
  • Midex Airlines: 3 freight (A6-MDG, A6-MDH, A6-MDI)
  • Orient Thai Airlines: 1 passenger (HS-UTC)
  • Rayyan Air**: 2 freight (AP-BKI, AP-BKS*)
  • Saha Airlines: 2 freight (EP-SHB, EP-SHH)
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines: 1 freight (HZ-AIU)
  • United States Air Force: 2 VC-25A (82-8000, 92-9000)
  • Uni-Top Airlines: 3 freight (B-2448,* B-2450,* B-2462)
  • Veteran Avia: 1 freight (EK74799*)
  • Vision Air International: 1 freight (AP-BIV)

* Built as passenger and converted to freight.
** Not to be confused with Ryanair! :-)

There are also several stored aircraft, including the Rolls-Royce test plane you mention in the question.

Thanks to fooot for explaining that BSF denotes "Boeing Special Freighter", a passenger plane converted to freight use.

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How many 747-200 are still in Service?

If you search Airfleets.net and, for all pages, add up the aircraft marked as active, you will get an answer.

enter image description here

Are there any Civilian Operated ones left?

If you mean non-military, the above method should tell you.

If you mean non-airline, I don't know how to find out easily. RR's N-787RR was hard to find at Airfleets.net.

Does somebody have Photos?

Almost certainly yes, I'd just Google the registration number. e.g. EP-SHB. They'll mostly be copyright protected of course.


As of 2022 (And what I'm aware):

Fly Pro: 1 freight (ER-BAR)

Fars Air Qeshm: (EP-FAA & EP-FAB)

Iran Air: (EP-ICD)

Kam Air: 1 freight (4L-TZS)

Fly Pro Cargo: 1 freight (ER-BAT)

Iran Air Force: 1+ Military (5-8106)

United States Air Force: 2 VC-25A (82-8000, 92-9000)

E4B: 4 Military

GeoSky: 2 freight (4L-GEN, 4L-GEO)

Aerostan: 2 Freight (EX-47001, EX-47002)



I did remove some that were on the list as they are stored IRL but stated as active on Planespotters.net.

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