I am wondering where (probably in which ICAO document) can I find information about the required accuracy, integrity etc. for a conventional navigation aid for non-precision and precision approaches (required vertical and horizontal accuracy, etc.) I found that GNSS information can be find in ICAO Annex 10 Volume 1, but I coulnd't find similar clear information about conventional navigation aids.


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These details can also be found in ICAO Annex 10 - Volume 1 Radio Navigation Aids. This is from the table of contents of the Seventh Edition (from 2018):

CHAPTER 1. Definitions

CHAPTER 2. General provisions for radio navigation aids

2.1 Standard radio navigation aids
2.2 Ground and flight testing
2.3 Provision of information on the operational status of radio navigation services
2.4 Power supply for radio navigation aids and communication systems
2.5 Human Factors considerations

CHAPTER 3. Specifications for radio navigation aids

3.1 Specification for ILS
3.2 Specification for precision approach radar system
3.3 Specification for VHF omnidirectional radio range (VOR)
3.4 Specification for non-directional radio beacon (NDB)
3.5 Specification for UHF distance measuring equipment (DME)
3.6 Specification for en-route VHF marker beacons (75 MHz)
3.7 Requirements for the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
3.8 [Reserved]
3.9 System characteristics of airborne ADF receiving systems
3.10 [Reserved]
3.11 Microwave landing system (MLS) characteristics


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