I'm currently doing PPL course in Canada. Actually, I have flight times which was logged in my country. Can this flight time used when meeting the requirement for the PPL flight time?


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HT @tedder42 for the link to this redit thread which shows that ...

It may be accepted in credit towards the Canadian experience requirements.

From Canadian Flight Regulations -

Division VI - Private Pilot Licence

421.26 Aeroplanes - Requirements

(9) Credits for Foreign Applicants

(c) An applicant who does not hold a Private or higher pilot licence - Aeroplane issued by a contracting state may be credited foreign dual and solo aeroplane flight training time and aeroplane ground school time towards the knowledge and experience requirements for the issue of a Private Pilot Licence - Aeroplane, if the applicant provides certification from the holder of a Flight Instructor Rating - Aeroplane that all ground and flight training exercises have been satisfactorily reviewed.


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