ECAM messages are generated through DMC, which is from FWC and SDAC. The FWCs are responsible for ECAM warnings while the SDACs are for ECAM SD and ENG params. (DSC-31-05-30)

My question is: How would you know you have a dual FWC failure if there is no FWC to provide you with warnings anymore? There IS a warning FWS FWC 1+2 FAULT in FCOM which is not inhibited in any of the flight phases. Is this a warning that will never be triggered?

Additional: I'm aware that ECAM Memo can be used as a source of confirmation since Memo also fails when both FWCs fail. But I'm looking for a more "official" source to confirm if I have no FWCs.


  • DMC Display Management Computer
  • ECAM Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitor
    • SD System Display
  • FWC Flight Warning Computer
  • FWS Flight Warning System
  • SDAC System Data Acquisition Concentrator
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2 FWCs communicate with 3 DMCs to display the messages, as you wrote.

If this link is severed for whatever reason, the DMCs will have missing/faulty inputs and they themselves will display that fault warning. That's why the actions are:


I.e. you're on your own figuring out the status of the systems.

From the Airbus A320 ATA 31 Technical Training manual:

If the DMCs receive no valid data from both FWCs, the message FWS FWC1 + 2 FAULT is displayed on the EWD. All other EWD messages, aural warnings and attention getters are lost. [emphasis mine]

enter image description here

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    $\begingroup$ Thank you for the source. Unfortunately as a pilot, we are unable to get our hands on Technical Training Manuals. Is this manual used for training aircraft engineers? $\endgroup$
    – Yihao Wan
    Apr 1, 2022 at 13:05
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    $\begingroup$ @YihaoWan: You're very welcome. It is for maintenance training yes. You as a pilot can always follow your company's internal communication channels to ask questions for things that are not clear to you in the FCOM. I added an image. $\endgroup$
    – user14897
    Apr 1, 2022 at 13:08
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    $\begingroup$ That makes it crystal clear, thanks a million. $\endgroup$
    – Yihao Wan
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