I'm studying up on the display formats of the System Display (SD) in a typical ECAM. Articles online have stated that it is capable of showing 12 different system pages with different info. However, I cannot find anything that goes in-depth on explaining all the system pages. Any help is appreciated.

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If your interest is more of an academic (i.e. non-operational) character you'll find plenty of information on that in https://www.smartcockpit.com/plane/AIRBUS/A320.html.

A general description of the ECAM philosophy is found under "Indicating and Recording". Then specifics on each system page are found at the specific system section, i.e. the section on hydraulics will feature the information in the hydraulics SD page.

If you're studying for a type rating, which I assume is not the case since you mention a "typical" ECAM, then your reference absolutely needs to be your current AFM/FCOM.


You may wish to take a look at www.ipadecam.co.uk which will take you through all the screens

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