I understand you must be a US citizen in order to work ATC with FAA.

Is it different with the non-FAA towers? Could I as a European citizen be employed (working visa/greencard) there?


14 CFR 65.31 and 65.33 do not mention citizenship as a requirement.

This job listing with Serco for a position at TTD says that you must:

  • Be eligible to work for Serco under the Federal Immigration Laws
  • Be able to receive an interim security suitability clearance granted by FAA Security derived from a public trust background check.

According to ClearanceJobs.com, US citizenship is not a requirement to be eligible for a Public Trust position.

So it seems like it would be possible for you to work at a contract tower. But this is the sort of question that you really should ask of the hiring manager at a specific company where you would like to work.


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