Did British Airways or Air France use Professional Flight Engineers (non-pilot PFEs) on Concorde or were the flight engineers required to be pilots (not necessarily qualified to fly Concorde) who were trained and qualified/certificated as flight engineers?


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Air France

Flight engineers were called "OMN" (officiers mécaniciens navigants) and had no pilot rating for Concorde. They were not required to be pilots at all.

  • PIC and copilot had to obtain the ATP licence and a "Qualification Concorde" (Concorde rating).

  • OMN had to obtain a "Brevet de Mécanicien Navigant" (Flight Engineer’s Licence) and a "Qualification Concorde" (Concorde rating).

You may confirm this by looking at BEA report for F-BTSC accident.

British Airways

Licenses are similar:

  • For pilots: ATP license and Concorde rating.
  • For flight engineers: Flight Engineer license and Concorde rating.

This is confirmed in AAIB report for G-BOAF accident.

None of the civil aviation flight engineers I can think of from Latécoère to the FADEC introduction were ever required to be pilots.

See also: Did Flight Engineers progress to be pilots? a question from the early days of this stack.


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