I'm not pilot yet, just an enthusiast having some fun in MSFS2020.

What do those colored lines mean in Garmin avionics?

Screenshot msfs2020


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The various lines you see are used to demark certain aspects of the airspace such as controlled airspace (of differing classes) including terminal manouvering areas, restricted areas, military no-fly zones etc.

You get a slightly clearer picture (if you're used to reading sectional aeronautical charts) by looking at the real thing rather than a display on a simulated GPS.

enter image description here

  • The blue area to the north-west appears to be SBR-301 which is a restricted area
  • The magenta area extending mostly North and North-East is the various areas of controlled airspace protecting traffic arriving and departing the various airfields shown to the south
  • The orange line I'm not too sure about.

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