I got question reading ICAO document(9971). On, it says:

Studies have shown that occupancy count can be used to complement entry counts and allow higher values for such entry counts.

I'm so confused of the phrase I marked above. Does the 'for' in the phrase mean 'than', so it means that 'occupancy count values are higher than entry counts'? Or it just mean that 'the occupancy value enables entry counts to have higher values'?

cf) entry count: number of aircraft entering an airspace in one hour.

occupancy count: number of aircraft within an airspace in short duration (1 min). (=number of aircraft on the frequency in 1 minute (e.g. 20 aircraft at the same time)). An aircraft is considered to be on the frequency from the time at the airspace entry point until it reaches the exit point.

  • $\begingroup$ I'm not sure of the full context, but I don't believe that 'than' is correct in any reading of the given statement. $\endgroup$ Aug 12 '21 at 14:00

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