When filing an ICAO IFR flight plan, where in "the manual" (which manual?) for a G1000 and a GNS430 do I find the RNAV capability information for an ICAO flight plan? What am I looking for?


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Garmin's ICAO Equipment Guide is very helpful indicating

G1000 - R and PBN B2, C2, D2

GNS 430W - R, B, and PBN B2, C2, D2

This corresponds with AIM TBL 5-1-6 which can include "up to a maximum of 8 entries"
AIM TBL 5-1-6

But where do I find this in the manual?

Garmin also has this ICAO PBN/RNAV-RNP Codes site which explicitly states:

Note: Please reference your navigator and transponder's Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement (AFMS) for details on which codes apply to your avionics. For integrated flight decks please consult your OEM.

After an Internet search, I found an example Diamond DA40 Airplane Flight Manual Supplement G1000 Integrated Avionics System

I believe the answer is in the SECTION I GENERAL on page 9. This still depends on knowing what exact equipment you have. For example:

Oceanic/Remote per FAA Notice 8110.60 -- Two FMSs are required to be installed...

Please leave a comment this was helpful to anyone else, or if anything is inaccurate or missing.

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