See the image below of a screenshot of DFW - Dallas Fortworth Sectional chart.

There are a multiple frequencies. Based on what I learnt on Sportys so far, a CTAF has a (C), then UNICOM has a UNICOM written after the frequency.

How should one know which frequency is what, when someone sees a sectional like the one in the link. Especially, where the Control Tower frequency, and/ or arrival, departure frequency etc.

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As Pondlife said, the information you want is found in the Aeronautical Chart User's Guide — VFR Charting Products publication.

Control Tower frequencies are the ones shown in blue Airport Data Groupings with CT - in front of them.

Approach Control frequencies that are relevant to VFR pilots are shown in blue (Class B) or magenta (Class C) boxes at the outskirts of Class C and Class B airspace, but are otherwise not shown on the "map" portion of the sectional. However there is a listing at the edge of the sectional/TAC of Class B, Class C, TRSA, and Selected [i.e. certain Class D] Approach Control Frequencies. Note that if you are using an online map like SkyVector you will have to select a specific sectional instead of "World VFR" in order to see the outer non-map areas.

If there is a specific frequency on a specific chart that you have a question about after consulting the Chart User's Guide you can edit your question to describe it.


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