There are lot of UAV's in todays world to be re worked on. The General Atomics series of UCAVs is quite remarkable. I have selected MQ-1B Predator UAV, for an geometric analysis project(undergraduate).
Though the wing dimensions including root and tip chord's length are found at https://mq-1predator.weebly.com/design-and-specifications.html and the rest performance specifications for it is available at https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/104469/mq-1b-predator/.

Still it isn't mentioned anywhere at websites and in factsheet too, about its "Airfoil profile".
I have been trying to figure it out.

Can anyone please help me out to ascertain MQ-1B's airfoil profile?


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The MQ-1B uses three different airfoils: Drela GW-19, GW-25 and GW-27, created by Dr. Mark Drela (one of the creators of the XFOIL software) and proprietary to General Atomics.

The airfoils used on the MQ-1B (Drela GW-19, GW-25, GW-27, created by Dr. Mark Drela) are proprietary material of General Atomics. Dr. Drela personally stated on a hobbyist remote-control drone forum that a scale model should use an SD7032 wing (similar shape to a NACA 3510), while the full-scale MQ-1B airfoils "...have LOTS of top surface camber."

"Fixed-Wing UAV Airframe Design and Validation", Bachelor's Thesis of Timothy Brown, University of Queensland

  • $\begingroup$ BTW the quotes before your edit (directly from the thesis) are the correct ones, as the only bit being reproduced as said is the have LOTS of top surface camber bit (permalink). $\endgroup$
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