So I was wondering what is the Aircraft categories all about because from my previous questions answer I got to know about something called Cat D type aircraft so it made me curious to know what are the different types of aircraft categories and which one is the A321-271NX because it happens to be special for me !


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The code is for the exact variant for this Airbus:

  • A321: This is an Airbus A321, the longest variant of the A320 family.

  • 27*: It comes with PW1100 engines (which makes it a neo).

  • 271: The exact engine variant, which can be found in the TCDS (Type Certificate Data Sheet):

    PW1133G-JM Geared Turbo Fan jet engines (MOD 161002)

  • N: Added for all neo variants.

  • X: This means the aircraft has Cabin Flex, which allows the operator more freedom in choosing emergency exits:

    these doors’ configuration flexibility are there to enable all customers’ operational needs without compromising on cabin comfort

    Cabin Flex


The "Cat D" you mentioned is the approach speed categorisation:

Category Approach Speed
A < 91 kt
B 91-120 kt
C 121-140 kt
D 141-165 kt
E 166-210 kt

The Airbus A321 can be in approach category C or D, depending on the maximum landing weight:

A321 has Approach Category C to 75.5 tonnes MLW and D beyond that to 77.8 tonnes.

(SKYbrary - Airbus A321)

You can find the maximum landing weights for the A321neo in the Airbus Aircraft Characteristics Document: A321neo weights

All maximum landing weights for the A321neo are above 75.5t, which would make them all Cat D.


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