There are two conflicting values for the 787-10's range; they are:

  1. 6,345 NM (11,750 km) -- boeing.com

  2. 7,000 NM (12,975 km) -- on the same website few years ago, as well as flightglobal.com

Note: In its early development the value was 6,345 NM (11,750 km), same as #1.

Which is correct and why do the values keep changing?


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The range of an aircraft depends on the payload. The value you typically find is the range at typical payload.

You can find the payload/range diagram in the Boeing 787 Airplane Characteristics for Airport Planning document:

787-10 payload/range diagram

As you can see, at maximum zero fuel weight, the 787-10 range is only ~4200 NM. According to Wikipedia, the typical passenger configuration for the 787-10 is 330 seats in a 2-class layout. Assuming 195 lbs per passenger (FAA average adult passenger weight in winter) plus 50 lbs baggage per passenger, gives a typical payload of 80,850 lbs. This would result in a range of ~6000 NM. If not everyone onboard is an adult and not everyone takes the full 50 lbs for baggage, the range can be higher of course. Completely empty, the 787-10 can easily fly over 8500 NM.


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