I am playing around with data collected during a flight. I would like to find out the (real, not ISA) ambient air pressure for each data point, since it is not reported in the spread sheet containing my flight data.

I have the following data for different time points, but do not know how to (if even possible) derive from this the ambient air pressure:

  • Mach

  • Density altitude

  • Pressure altitude

  • Airspeed ktas and kcas

  • Static air temperature

  • Total air temperature

  • Geometric altitude

  • Pressure at the ground / surface pressure

I would be thankful for a solution or any tips for literature helpful to solve this.

Under the following link I found a formula I could rearrange but I believe this would return the pressure in the standard atmosphere... https://www.weather.gov/media/epz/wxcalc/pressureAltitude.pdf


It kind of depends on how accurate you want to be because you could start asking about instrument errors and position errors and stuff like that.

But, assuming you don't want to get into that...

The link you included would indeed show a standard atmosphere pressure but the pressure altitude data you have is also referenced to the same standard atmosphere (it actually depends on the setting of the altimeter... if it is set to 29.92 / 1013 mBar then you're in luck).



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