I understand that labels 242,244, 246, 247 are set for DME Station Id or DME Station Ident. they are marked as discrete. How should I convert the station code from alphabet to these 'discretes'? The station codes are something like AGG.


Labels 246 and 247 describe up to 4 7-bit ASCII characters.

  • 1th char: Bits 11-17 of 246
  • 2th char: Bits 19-25 of 246
  • 3th char: Bits 11-17 of 247
  • 4th char: Bits 19-25 of 247

For AGG, in ASCII we get 0x41, 0x47, 0x47, then:

  • Label 246 = 0x11D04A6
  • Label 247 = 0x11CA7

SSM encoding is the same as regular discrete labels.

I am not familiar with labels 242/244.


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