I'm interested in the business possibilities of offering flight training in Southern Ontario, in particular using advanced ultralight aircraft. I realize that this is uncommon, of course, but my question is one of regulations.

How many hours flying an advanced ultralight aircraft can count towards a student's:

  • Recreational license?
  • Personal license?
  • Commercial license?

I'm not sure how to read the CARs here in 421. Would a Pipistrel Alpha Electro (classified as an Advanced Ultralight in Canada) or Pipistrel Velis count as "aeroplane"?


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It looks like you can count the flight hours towards a recreational license if you logged the hours in an advanced ultralight with an aeroplane certificate of airworthiness.

For the private pilot license only 10 hours in three-axis ultralights can be counted.

For a commercial ticket a maximum of 25 hours pilot-in-command flight time in three axis ultra-light aeroplanes can be counted towards the 200 hours total flight time requirement but this time does not count towards the 100 hour pilot-in-command flight time.

This is based on my cursory reading of the requirements. I would suggest you talk to a reputable flight training organization or Canadian aviation authorities for confirmation.


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