Further to my other question, how can I find a realtime map of all flights that's combined with the foregoing map of all perilous zones? My goal is to see which flights may be overflying them, and in particular, if there are any commercial flights doing so.

For example, I only learnt of this via CNN, but want to predetermine this by myself: http://edition.cnn.com/2014/07/22/world/asia/malaysia-airlines-plane-over-syria/


Actually what constitutes a "perilous zone" is arbitrarily decided by countries or airlines . Ergo, there are no zones that have been defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization as perilous .


For example as on this date British Airways and Qantas have demarcated Ukrainian airspace as dangerous and is therefore avoiding it .

As far as a realtime map of flights are concerned who may take a look at Flightradar24


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