How many cabin crews are needed for an A350-1000?

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It depends where you are flying, i.e. which countries rules apply. In the US for example, the minimum cabin crew is determined by the seating capacity:

For airplanes having a seating capacity of more than 100 passengers—two flight attendants plus one additional flight attendant for each unit (or part of a unit) of 50 passenger seats above a seating capacity of 100 passengers.

(CFR 121.391 (a) (4))

The A350-1000 can seat up to 480 passengers, which would then require 10 flight attendants. Typical seating is however only 369 according to Wikipedia, which would only require 8 flight attendants.

In Europe, EASA defines the minimum number of cabin crew in the Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS):

For the A350-1000, the minimum required cabin crew number established during the aircraft certification process is 8, irrespective of the Maximum Operational Passenger Seating Capacity (MOPSC).


In accordance with the operational requirement ORO.CC.100-Number and composition of cabin crew, if the MOPSC for the specific aircraft exceeds 400, the minimum required cabin crew number becomes 9.


So here 8 or 9 flight attendants are required, also depending on the seating capacity.

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  • $\begingroup$ What about the A350-900? Also most airlines put more flight attendants in because of the different classes. Sure by law it may be by capacity, but in an airline's perspective, that's not the case. $\endgroup$ Apr 19, 2020 at 14:46
  • $\begingroup$ @AirCanada001 Typical seating for the -900 is 315, so 7 flight attendants would be enough in the US, but EASA still requires 8: "For the A350-900, the minimum required cabin crew number established during the aircraft certification process is 8 (2 per exit pair)". Of course airlines can use more flight attendants, these are just the minimums for safety reasons, especially during an emergency evacuation. $\endgroup$
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