I recently received a quote on a private charter roundtrip from the United States to Canada. The quote included an additional expense line item for "customs, INS, APHIS fees."

I was told that the customs user fee is calculated as 5.89 USD per passenger per leg, the INS fee is calculated as 7.00 USD per passenger per leg, and the APHIS fee is calculated as 3.96 USD per passenger per leg. I was also told that these fees are only charged for the leg where we're flying into Canada. Is this information accurate? Does anyone know anything more about these fees? Are they charged by the United States or Canada? Are pilots and crews counted as "passengers" for purposes of calculating these fees?

I was also told that FET is not charged for flights to Canada. However, I feel like I've read elsewhere that FET still might be charged if you're within 250 miles of the United States border. Does anyone know more about this, too?

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