For the Future Air Navigation System, what are the differences between FANS A, B, and C? Is FANS C commissioned?


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A, B, and C are the names used by Airbus. As a short summary:

  • If you want text communication with ATC (CPDLC), you need FANS A in USA/oceanic, and FANS B or C in Europe.

  • If you want position/trajectory reporting at set intervals (ADS-C) in continental Europe, then you need FANS C (still being tested).

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See the Airbus slide below for more:

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Source: Airbus via icao.int (PDF)

Operational demonstration of FANS C started a year ago in Europe.


Acronyms list:

► A623: ARINC protocol defining a set of data link applications (DCL, OCL, D-ATIS) ► ACARS: Aircraft Communication and Addressing Reporting System ► ACR: Avionics Communication Router ► ADS-C: Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Contract ► ADS-B: Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast ► AFN: ATS Facility Notification ► AOC: Airline Operations Control ► ATN: Aeronautical Telecommunication Network ► ATSU: Air Traffic Service Unit ► CM: Context Management ► CPDLC: Controller Pilot Data Link Communication ► CVR: Cockpit Voice Recorder ► D-ATIS: Digital ATIS ► DCL: Departure Clearance ► DR: Data link Recording ► FANS: Future Air Navigation System ► FMS: Flight Management System ► HFDL: HF Data Link ► HFDR: HF Data Radio ► IMA: Integrated Modular Avionics ► LRU: Line Replaceable Unit ► OCL: Oceanic Clearance ► RMP: Radio Management Panel ► SDU: Satellite Data Unit ► VDL: VHF Data Link ► VDR: VHF Data Radio


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