Excuse me, does anyone know how to correct this page. My English and knowledge of aircraft is not well. this is one of FAA's handbook, "Instrument Flying Handbook" and its "Instrument Flying Handbook Errata Sheet" describe "In Figure 9-7 on page 9-7, the blue and yellow ADF needles in the top instruments should point to 005 degrees and the airplane's heading should be 355 degrees to maintain the track. The label in the lower left corner stating WCA as 10 degrees left and RB of 10 degrees right should be located next to the top airplane graphic. In the second-from-the-top instruments, the blue and yellow ADF needles should point to 005 degrees to indicating that the airplane is back on course. In the middle instruments, the ADF needles should point to about 350 degrees, to the right of the wind correction heading of 340 degrees. Next to the middle airplane graphic, there should be a label stating a WCA of 25 degrees left." I have been corrected something in this page, but there is still something wrong, does anyone can help me, please?enter image description here


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