I was digging around the FAA type certificate data sheet (TCDS) database and I could not find the entries for the PW1100G and PW1400G engines series. I then went to the EASA TCDS database and both of them were categorised under the PW1100G-JM title. Have these two engine series not been certified by the FAA? Was it because they were for European aircraft OEMs (PW1100G for A320neo, PW1400G for Irkut MC-21)?


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They are certified by the FAA. The following 1100/1400 models:

PW1133G-JM, PW1133GA-JM, PW1130G-JM, PW1129G-JM, PW1127G-JM, PW1127GA-JM, PW1127G1-JM, PW1124G-JM, PW1124G1-JM, PW1122G-JM,PW1431G-JM, PW1431GA-JM, PW1431GH-JM, PW1428G-JM, PW1428GA-JM, PW1428GH-JM

Are certified under TCDS (type certificate data sheet) E00087EN (PDF).

Note: The certificate holder is International Aero Engines, LLC, and I was able to find it by searching https://rgl.faa.gov for "E00087EN", which I got from the neo's TCDS.

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    $\begingroup$ Thanks! I was initially searching based on Type Holder and it wasn't listed under P&W. Interesting how IAE is the holder instead. I thought all the GTFs were solely developed by P&W. $\endgroup$
    – hky1g12
    Feb 26, 2020 at 10:12
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    $\begingroup$ @YongHauKit: You're very welcome. IAE is ~50% P&W. I don't know why they went that way. $\endgroup$
    – user14897
    Feb 26, 2020 at 11:17

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