If you take a look at the photo (source: still from this YouTube video), you'll notice a pair of "panels" on the fuselage of this Omega Tanker DC-10 (reg: N974VV), circled with green.

There is also a pair of "portholes" (circled red).

What are all those? Any relation to this being a tanker?

Note: Here's a photo that shows the "panels" closed on the ground.

Omega Tanker


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The things circled in red are static ports. They are used to measure static air pressure. You can see a close up (from a different aircraft) here:

Static Ports
(taken from this answer)

What you circled in green is an outflow valve used for controlling the pressurization. See also:

It is technically called a Thrust Recovery Outflow Valve:

The actual nomenclature is the "Thrust Recovery Outflow Valve"


The thrust recovery outflow valve is essentially the valve that controls cabin altitude throughout the isobaric selection range. It can be controlled electrically through 2 electric motors receiving input from the automatic and semi-automatic cabin pressure controller/computer. On the -10's with Flight Engineers, the clutches could be disengaged via a handle at the FE station, and the valve was then controlled through a manual wheel.


Both items are unrelated to the fact that this is a tanker. The following image shows the same items on a Northwest Airlines DC-10-40:

Northwest Airliners DC-10-40


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