When operators purchase new aircraft it seems that a Letter of Intent is frequently the means by which this is done. What does such a Letter of intent usually contain?

Bonus question: Would the letters of intent in the following two scenarios would look different:

  1. Purchase of a new aircraft as the launch customer from and established manufacturer. For example: ANA was the launch customer for the 787, which was a new type certificate from company with an established track record of manufacturing airplanes.
  2. Purchase of a new aircraft as the launch customer from a new(er) manufacturer. For example, Continental Express purchased 25 ERJ-145 at a time when Embraer was not an established manufacturer of commercial passenger aircraft.

Would the purchases in scenario 2 expect more/better assurances as part of the LoI to minimize certain risks (e.g. planned partners, production planning, certification planning, etc.)?


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