I know that the Wright brothers patented their Wing Warping method for controlling the roll of a plane or glider in Great Britain, France, United States, Austria, Italy,... but did they obtain a patent for it in Germany?

This is the Austrian patent:

They have a German patent published in 1906 (see below) but I never found its content. I do not know what is written in it.

  • Orville Wright und Wilbur Wright in Dayton, (V. St. A.) Patentschrift. Nr. 173378. Klasse 77h. Gruppe 7. Mitwagerechtem Kopfruder und senkrechtem Schwanzruder versehener Gleitflieger. Patentiert im Deutschen Reichevom 24. M rz 1904 ab. Ausgegeben den 16. Juli 1906. Berlin: Kaiserliches Patentamt, 1906, 4 pp., +illus.


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