Can anyone please explain about the 5 types of A320 flap settings - Up, Flap 1, Flap 2 and FULL. What do these mean? I've read that the A320 gives 2 outputs for the corresponding flap settings. What does that mean? And what is Flap 1+F?


Up - 0°/0°
Flap 1- 18°/0°
Flap 1+F- 18°/10°
Flap 2- 22°/15°
Flap 3- 22°/20°
Full- 27°/35


The numbers you listed in the question are slats/flaps. So there is no difference in slat setting between config 1 and config 1+F, and no difference between config 2 and 3.

A good reference for this is "The A320 Podcast" on iTunes/Spotify. There's an episode dedicated to the flap and slat system which explains this really clearly, with the associated failures and procedures.


1+F is a configuration with slats at the default position for the flap selector at "1" but with additional flaps extended (10°).

CONF 1+F is selected by positioning the flap lever from up to 1 when speed is below 100 kts or when the flap lever is moved from 2 to position 1.

In CONF 1+F the flaps automatically retract above 210 kts and the selected configuration changes to CONF 1.

As the earlier reply already mentioned the numbers are the slats/flap angles in degrees.

If you need more info I can highly recommend checking out the A320 FCOM e.g. available from http://www.smartcockpit.com/plane/AIRBUS/A320.html


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