I want to collect some funding for my new Innovative idea in miniplane. Before this I will show my skill on already exist plane making. Please guide me how can I generate funding for my next new modify plane for patent and parts ?

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Ok, first a sort-of-an-answer, and after that a solid whack on the back of your head:

You propably are well aware of the crowdfunding scene: Kickstarter, Seedrs, Patreon etc. and you might be aware of how they work. I'd say they are your best bet on testing the lift coefficient of your project.

Next option would be contacting local or global experimental community, not for money, but for contacts.

Then there's innovation funding, your country most probably has more than one form of this: state (municipality), foundation or organization governed grants or loans that are granted based upon applications.

Whatever the "source" of funding, you'd better have a rock-solid project and business plan. You are looking at a project cost of anything from 100 000 to 1 million $ and above, depending on what exactly you are going to achieve. Aviation is not cheap in any of it's forms, especially in R&D segment.

... and then the whack: You have no idea of what you are getting into. No. Hear me out, you don't. Odds are you'll burn through a shitload (pardon my frech) of your and maybe even somebody elses money. With results in the category of "slim to none".

It's hard to get solid funding if you don't have a patent for whatever you trying to get funded. And getting a patent is a) expensive b) sloooooow proces. Then there's the fact that the patent alone is not sufficient, the idea better be damn near ingenious to be profitable. Remember that you can not present your idea publically if you want to patent it.

For reference you might want to check out a project called FlyNano. I guess it's been in developement for something like 10 years now, the plane is in constant "available next year" -state. What has not remained constant is the price of the soon-to-be-launced plane: over the years it has soared from 25000 to 85000 bucks...

So: I'm not saying don't do it. Just keep it real. Which, when it comes to projects like this, is pretty much the same as don't do it...


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