Here in Australia we have a set of regulations called the "National Airports Safeguarding Framework" (NASF); these consist of 9 federally imposed guidelines for:

  • Measures for Managing Impacts of Aircraft Noise
  • Managing the Risk of Building Generated Windshear and Turbulence at Airports
  • Managing the Risk of Wildlife Strikes in the Vicinity of Airports
  • Managing the Risk of Wind Turbine Farms as Physical Obstacles to Air Navigation
  • Managing the Risk of Distractions to Pilots from Lighting in the Vicinity of Airports
  • Managing the Risk of Intrusions into the Protected Airspace of Airports
  • Protecting Aviation Facilities — Communications, Navigation and Surveillance
  • Protecting Strategically Important Helicopter Landing Sites
  • Public Safety Areas (United Kingdom or Queensland Models)

This framework is used to ensure cranes, structures and transient objects do not impact the the safety of aviation activities.

Are these Australian regulatory frameworks built on some ICAO standards or are they a specific piece of legislation?


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