In the MEL for the A320 it is mentioned that ELAC 1 is a NO GO if carrying out EDTO operations. Why is ELAC 1 specifically for EDTO? In that case shouldn't it be for non EDTO operations also.

This somewhat contradicts ELAC 2 being a NO GO. Could someone please clarify this with an official reference.

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    $\begingroup$ For those of us not embroiled in A320 operations: ELAC - ELevator Aileron Computer, and EDTO - Extended Diversion Time Operations $\endgroup$ – CatchAsCatchCan Aug 8 '19 at 8:40
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    $\begingroup$ EDTO is the new term for ETOPS, not A320 specific, but the name didn't catch on. $\endgroup$ – ymb1 Aug 8 '19 at 10:16
  • $\begingroup$ @ymb1 didn't mean to pertain specifically to the A320. But while conducting EDTO on the A320. $\endgroup$ – Jai Aug 10 '19 at 9:45

An item may be on the MEL be sure being into for a flight, day ,or other period is an acceptable risk but when giving that approval the authorities always consider the " next worst failure" which most often is the second version of the " failed "item. It was judged that the pilot workload, or reduction on safety margins , when under Erops ( I'm a traditionalist) and potentially up to 3 hours or more from a laudable airfield.

As a general eules, far fewer items are on an erops aircraft rather than an Aircraft released for "normal" service, which assumes a diversion airfield within one hour. (The last MMEL I negotiated was parts of the Airbus A400M avionics, 8 ish years ago)

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