I was deferred my third class medical because of a certain condition and the doctor said I’ll hear from the FAA in about 3-4 weeks with either my certificate or they’ll ask for more information. It’s been 3 weeks going on 4th week, and I’ve heard of them taking 2 months or longer so I was just wondering is there any way I could check the status of my medical like it can tell me it’s been sent back or is currently being reviewed or etc?


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The standard way to check the status of your medical application is to call the Aerospace Medical Certification Division at (405) 954-4821.

When you call, it's very likely that you will hear a recorded message saying that due to high call volumes, they are unable to assist you. If you do, call again later. When I was checking on the status of my own application, I had to call quite a few times before my call was finally answered.


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