Plane crash landed in Borneo jungle in 1983.

enter image description here


That registration looks like PK-DCR to me. It's a little bit blurry, but especially if you zoom in, it's fairly readable.

A quick web search for that registration and "airplane" brings me Wikipedia's page on Deraya Air Taxi, which indicates that

On November 1982, Indonesian Aerospace 212-100 PK-DCR of Deraya Air Taxi and PT Pupuk Kaltim was damaged when it approaching Bontang. No fatalities in this accident.

The 212-100 brings us to the CASA C-212 Aviocar.

Looking at the pictures on Wikipedia, it's pretty close, so that's probably it. Note the pretty distinctive tail section, and the relative dimensions:

(source; photo by RuthAS, published under CC-BY-3.0)

(source; photo by John Wheatley, published under under GFDL-1.2)

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The aircraft was a CASA 212 registered PK-DCR which crashed on November 8th 1982, near Bontang, East Kalimantan

Bureau of Aircraft Accidents

enter image description here


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