I am studying ICAO's PANS-OPS 8168 manual, and I have noticed conflicting guidelines regarding the permitted earliest turning point during a missed approach.

In section, it clearly states:

6.2 Climb Gradient and MOC. 6.2.1 Initial Phase. 6.2.11. The initial phase begins at the earliest missed approach point (MAPt) and ends at the start of climb point (SOC). The manoeuvre during this phase requires the concentrated attention of the pilot, especially when establishing the climb and the changes in configuration, and it is assumed that guidance equipment is not utilized during these manoeuvres. No turns may be specified during this phase.

A few pages later, it also states:

6.4.7 Turn Specified at the MAPt. Where the turn is specified at the MAPt, which means that the pilot is supposed to establish the aeroplane on a climbing path and then to turn, the OCA/H will be taken as the turn altitude/height and the turn initiation area will extend from the earliest MAPt to the SOC (see Figures I-4-6-10 and I-4-6-20).

However, in Figure I-4-6-10, a turn less than 15 degrees is depicted to begin immediately at MAPt, rather than at SOC. On the other hand, turns more than 15 degrees seem to begin at SOC as it is intended (Figure I-4-6-20).

enter image description here

enter image description here

Additionally, in section 6.4.5 (Turn initiated at a designated altitude height), it states: The point where the designated altitude/height is reached is not fixed. It depends on the climb performance of the aircraft and the point from which the missed approach is initiated. The aircraft may reach the designated turn altitude/height:

a) as early as the earliest MAPt when the procedure prohibits turning before the MAPt or as early as the earliest FAF when no restrictions are provided

b) after a climb using the minimum required gradient from the SOC to the point where it reaches the specified altitude height. This point is called the Turn Point (TP).

In Figure I-4-6-11, one of the potential turning points is depicted near the MAPt, well before SOC.

enter image description here

All things considered, I can not figure out the earliest point where turning is allowed to be initiated, during a missed approach.

Could someone help me clarify this?

  • $\begingroup$ I would simplify it and not turn before the MAP point. $\endgroup$ – wbeard52 Dec 14 '19 at 23:27

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