How does the Antonov AN-2 have a stall speed of zero!?

I understand with full stick back it will have a forward speed of 17mph and a descent rate of 12mph. That's a glide ratio of roughly 1.5!!!

It doesn't have a huge horizontal tail volume. In fact I calculated it at 0.26/2 wings= approx. 0.13, which is super small!!

I understand tail volume ratios are usually 0.3 to 0.6.

What this tells me is that the horizontal tail is not big enough to put it into a stall.

I understand the Ercoupe was also intentionally designed in that way with a small horizontal elevator to minimize stalls, and a small rudder to minimize spins.

I assume that this means that the Cm curve is near horizontal and that the plane actually flies near neutral, with little static margin.

Is this correct?


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