I know the iSpec2200 and S1000D are the specifications which are used in the aircraft maintenance manual, I have to know how they actually work in the aviation domain and what is the difference between them.


I've only worked with S1000D, but what I understand is that they share a common origin in ATA Spec100, with some differences being:



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S1000D is the successor of iSpec 2200 since 2012. The standard is now free of charge and can be easily downloaded from S1000D website.

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  • $\begingroup$ I'm not doubting you, but I am surprised that an organization went from iSpec<something> to just <something> in its naming convention. I mean, dropping the "lowercase 'i', uppercase word" thing in the internet age? Whoda thunk it?? (Unless, of course, Apple sued...) Also, it's odd that they went from the numeric 2200 "backwards" to 1000. Everything about those two identifiers indicates (to me, at least) that iSpec2200 is newer than S1000D. $\endgroup$ – FreeMan Dec 5 at 19:37

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