I am trying to make a simplified version of a model rocket in MATLAB's Simulink. I have modeled the actual dynamics already, and they work perfectly fine. The inputs to the dynamics are the forces and moment acting on the system, and the outputs are the 9 DOF state variables, which are the speeds in the body frame, angular rates, and orientation (phi,theta,psi).

Now, I want to add wind turbulence to this model. Simulink already has this as a block to choose from, so I picked the Dryden model. The inputs are the elevation, speed, and direction cosine matrix, and the outputs are the linear wind speeds in the body frame and the angular speeds. However, now I am stuck because I don't know what to do with these values. Where would these values get inserted back in the equations of motion? Furthermore, since the inputs to the dynamics are forces and moments, how is it possible take the wind speeds and input them? I suppose they would act as a disturbance, but I'm not seeing how they directly affect the dynamics


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